AMERICAN MARY – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

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Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary summons the spirit of Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers with classical music, cold instruments and red scrubs along with a dark Lynchian aesthetic. There are Asian and European horror influences too, yet astonishingly the film feels personal and unique. Intelligent ideas, fascinating body modification procedures and a controlled performance from Katharine Isabelle, in the lead role, all make for hypnotic viewing. Read more>>.

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Katherine McLaughlin

Katherine McLaughlin is a London based freelance film reviewer and features writer for numerous outlets including Cinetalk, Starburst Magazine, New Empress Magazine and Filmoria. Kat's cinematic loves are horror, sci-fi, arthouse and indie with a keen interest in documentaries. She is also a regular attendee of many international film festivals including Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival, London Film Festival and Frightfest.