ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE – Review by Sara Vizcarrondo

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Don’t trust the title. Jim Jarmusch’s newest flight into the fantasies of a teen angst and anima follows the eternal love of Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton, who else?). Comfortable in Tangier when she hears her lover is in the dumps, Eve heroically runs to her man in Ghosttown, Detroit, where he’s carved a fascinating hermit-cum-rock-star life for himself. In a reclaimed house surrounded by impressively aged musical instruments, Adam has powered his home with an off the grid electrical system that could make geeks drool—and making geeks drool is kind of the point. Read more>>


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Sara Vizcarrondo (Archived Contributor)

Sara Maria Vizcarrondo is a freelance writer in San Francisco. She edits Rottentomatoes Opening Movies page, teaches media studies at DeAnza College and is working on two books: the first is about IndieHero Rob Nilsson and the second is a memoir about camping in the wrong shoes called "It's Not Nature, It's Just Further From The Car."