ROSEWATER –Review by Kristy Puchko

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rosewaterOver nearly two decades on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has reported on stranger-than-fiction stories with a sophisticated sense of humor and an ardent refusal to take himself too seriously. But when buckling down to tell the troubling true story of journalist Maziar Bahari in Rosewater, the TV personality turned film director discards these signatures in favor of earnestness and a predominantly solemn tone. It’s a bold choice, but does it pay off? Read more.>>

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Kristy Puchko (Archived Contributor)

Kristy Puchko is a New York-based entertainment writer and film critic whose work has appeared on sites like Cinema Blend, Pop Crush, Screen Crush, CBR's Spinoff, Next Movie, The Film Stage, and Jezebel. After receiving her B.A. in Film Studies from Brooklyn College and the Macaulay Honors College, Kristy spent several years in post-production before she was wooed by the world of blogging. Since then, the movie obsession she's harbored since girlhood has served her well, playing into countless editorials, interviews, reviews, and infographics. You can keep up with her on Twitter: @KristyPuchko