SONG OF THE SEA and Animator Tomm Moore — Rebecca Pahle interviews

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song of sea croppedTomm Moore had big shoes to fill for his second feature, Song of the Sea. Or maybe I should say big flippers, as one of Song’s main characters is a selkie, a creature from Irish and Scottish mythology who is part-seal, part-human. And the big flippers are his own–Moore’s first film, The Secret of Kells (co-directed with Nora Twohey), garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature in 2010. Audiences were transfixed by Kells’ unique, hand-drawn style, made to look like an illuminated manuscript. Read more>>

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Rebecca Pahle

Rebecca Pahle is a North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-based entertainment journalist with a particular fondness for science fiction, early film history, and female-directed film. She is the associate editor at Boxoffice, the premier trade magazine for the film exhibition market; other credits include Film Journal International, Syfy, Pajiba, and Vulture. You can reach her on Twitter @RebeccaPahle.