Dear Academy: Narrow The Best Picture Field Back to Five – Rebecca Pahle comments

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oscar statuettes cropped“I really don’t give a shit about the Oscars at all!” I tell myself as I write my third Oscar-related post in a little over a week. But this post is important, Academy. I have figured out a way to fix the Oscars. Aside from “let the Muppets host it” and “let Prince present every award” and “ban Harvey Weinstein.” Read more>>

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Rebecca Pahle

Rebecca Pahle is a North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-based entertainment journalist with a particular fondness for science fiction, early film history, and female-directed film. She is the associate editor at Boxoffice, the premier trade magazine for the film exhibition market; other credits include Film Journal International, Syfy, Pajiba, and Vulture. You can reach her on Twitter @RebeccaPahle.