OSCAR CALCULUS: Why Best Actor is a Two-Way Race Between Keaton and Redmayne — Quendrith Johnson reports

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redmayneand hawkingkeatonandinirrityAn informal red carpet survey may not be the most accurate way to gauge the Best Actor race for 2015, but this year the buzz confirms prevailing Hollywood insider sentiment that predicts a two-way tug between veteran Michael Keaton and newcomer Eddie Redmayne, leaving Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch on the sidelines. To understand voter calculus, let’s take a measure of the golden profiles of the Best Actor nominees, see what they bring to the gate, and reflect on what voters have said about their chances. Read on…

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Johnson (Archived Contributor) Quendrith

Quendrith Johnson has contributed to AWFJ's AWARDS INTELLIGENCER blog.