MAD MEN are Sad Men — Martha P. Nochimson comments

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madmenMy recent marathon re-watch of Matthew Weiner’s smartly conceived and beautifully realized Mad Men series turned into a provocation to thought. I became increasingly aware that the AMC/Lionsgate television series, now available on DVD and other platforms, is a very clever portrayal of current society as a network of disconnection, an entrapping tangle in which manipulative behavior and thinking only of one’s own interests is mandatory for success. But the show also reveals that the Mad Men and their peers — both women and men — are left craving, in a million different ways, the loyalty and empathy that is missing from their lives. Read on…

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Martha P. Nochimson

Martha P. Nochimson is a film and media critic whose sixth book, David Lynch Swerves: Uncertainty From Lost Highway to Inland Empire, was published in March 2013 by University of Texas Press. She is the author of AWFJ's EYE ON MEDIA blog. She taught at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York and at New York University for a total of twenty-six years, and worked as an Associate Editor for Cineaste for six years. She also wrote for ABC-TV, NBC-TV, and CBS-TV soap operas between 1984 and 1990 and is a lifetime member of The Writer's Guild of America, East. She is a frequent contributor to Film Quarterly, and has covered the New York Film Festival for twelve years. She is currently editing The Companion to Wong Kar-wai for Wiley-Blackwell.