POLTERGEIST: Then and now — Liz Whittemore comments

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poltergeist still1982 and 2015. Poltergeist is the movie that traumatized me at the inappropriate age of two, and subsequently launched me head first and full throttle into horror genre fandom. Comparing poster art and trailers for the then and now versions of this classic fright fan favorite yields quick and fun insights into how horror filmmakers assure that once a scare is always a scare. Read on…

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Liz Whittemore

Liz Whittemore is the author of AWFJ's I SCREAM YOU SCREAM blog. She is Co-Managing Editor and writes for www.ReelNewsDaily.com, hosts the podcast Girls On Film and is a contributing writer for Cinemit.com and The ArtsWireWeekly. Now New York-based, she was born and raised in northern Connecticut. She's a graduate of The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, and has performed at Disneyland and famed Hartford Children's Theater, and been a member of NYC's Boomerang Theater, Connecticut's Simsbury Summer Theater, Virginia's Offstage Theatre, where she also directed. Her film credits include Suburban Skies and Surrender. In 2008, she shot Jabberwocky, a documentary now in post-production. Liz is still a children's theatre director and choreographer. She's working on an updated adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and a series of children's books.