Sundance’s Caroline Libresco on Striving for Gender Equality – Interview by Cathryn Atkinson (Exclusive)

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carolinelibresco200Sundance Institute’s annual survey about movies made by women is due for release in April. The ongoing studym an aspect of Sundance’s ongoing concerns about gender equality, is creating what is arguably the most complete set of data available on how females filmmakers fare in the indie realm, in contrast to the shocking stats about women moviemakers in Hollywood. Sundance Flim Festival Documentaries programmer Caroline Libresco previews the survey, and talks about measures Sundance is taking to level the playing field for women. Read on…

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Cathryn Atkinson

Cathryn Atkinson currently covers film and film festival news for Pique News Magazine in British Columbia. She is an award-winning journalist, editor, photographer and screenwriter based in Canada. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Observer (she was based in London for 15 years), as well as The Globe and Mail, AFP, Elle, Time, and many others.