Sharon Shattuck on FROM THIS DAY FORWARD and Growing Up With A Transgender Dad – Linda Barnard Interviews

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from this day smallAs documentary filmmaker Sharon Shattuck planned her wedding two years ago, she recalled her father’s unsettling request, made when she was about 13 on the drive to school: “Whenever you get married, I hope that you’ll let me wear a dress when I walk you down the aisle.” Read more…

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Linda Barnard (Archived Contributor)

Linda Barnard is a freelance film critic and regular reviewer for Canadian film website Original Cin. With a career spanning more than 30 years in Canadian daily newspapers, she was a staff writer at the Toronto Star/ from 2002 to 2016, joining the Star’s film team in 2007. She continues to cover the Toronto International Film Festival for the Star as a freelancer, along with The National Abu Dhabi. Barnard is a 2014 National Newspaper Award winner (Arts and Entertainment), member of the Toronto Film Critics Association and has participated on film juries, including Canada’s Top Ten, programmed for the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema and volunteers with the Victoria Film Festival in her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Follow her on Twitter: @barnardfilm and on Instagram: @barnardwrites