Top Five Cinema Female Psyche Distortions and the ‘Isotta Fraschini’ Syndrome – Quendrith Johnson comments

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MaggieGyllenhaal-234x300Ever since Maggie Gyllenhaal went public with the fact that she lost a role, at 37, as a love interest for a 55-year-old leading male because she was “too old,” the internet lit up with shock. But why should we be surprised? Disparity in casting leading men and women has been around since the Silent Era. So has a distorted view of the female psyche on film. Not only a distortion as to who and what women represent, but how the props, set dressing, costumes, conspire with the script, even the director, to really hammer the point home. Read on…

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Johnson (Archived Contributor) Quendrith

Quendrith Johnson has contributed to AWFJ's AWARDS INTELLIGENCER blog.