THE FEMALE GAZE: Shira Geffen on BOREG, Filmmaking and Israeli Women – Dana Knight Interviews (Exclusive)

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Film Title: Les Meduses.Shira Geffen is an Israeli actress, screenwriter and film director. Her first feature Jellyfish (or Medzudot), which she co-directed with her husband Etgar Keret, won the Camera d’Or in Cannes 2007. Self Made (or Boreg), her second feature film, is a dark but humorous drama that tells the story of two women – one Israeli, the other Palestinian- who are trapped within their respective worlds. After a mix-up at a checkpoint, they find themselves living the life of the other on the opposite side of the border and their all-too human characteristics are revealed against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. THE FEMALE GAZE contributor Dana Knight interviewed Geffen at the !F Istanbul Film Festival in March, 2015. Read more>>

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