Heather McIntosh on Scoring Z FOR ZACHARIAH – Michelle McCue interviews

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heather mcintosh headshotComposer Heather McIntosh is hopeful for women making music in Hollywood. She created the the riveting, emotion-packed score for Z for Zachariah, and was one of only four women who made the 2013 Academy Awards shortlist of composers for Best Original Score for Compliance. “The numbers are growing for women film composers and it’s a really exciting time,” she comments. “I think people are hungry for new voices in storytelling and there is real potential in that. It’s so encouraging. We’re just getting our bearings a little bit and it’s been exciting to get this momentum going as there are super talented women. There is an organization here called the Alliance of Women Film Composers (http://theawfc.com/) that has a really great support system. I’d love to work on big projects and I’m very hopeful.” Read Michelle McCue’s interview>>

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Michelle Hannett

Michelle Hannett (formerly McCue) contributes to and edits WeAreMovieGeeks.com.