EAST LA INTERCHANGE: “If This Film Could Vote” With Director Betsy Kalin – Quendrith Johnson comments

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XaviMorenoNo one disputes that there are a lot of LA’s, from the ancient Los Angeles of Pueblo and Missions, to Hollywood and LA Film Noir, to the Watts Towers, to Dog Town Surf Culture, to CGI pioneers and Silicon Beach. But director Betsy Kalin’s new documentary East LA Interchange is likely one of the few to explore the neighborhood known as Boyle Heights. This film will open tomorrow at The Hollywood Film Festival with narrator Danny Trejo (Machete) piecing together the topical patchwork of different ethnic communities that make up this oft-overlooked backbone of Los Angeles culture. There are Mexican-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Anglo-Americans, African-Americans, everything in between and a thriving Jewish community here. Read more>>

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Johnson (Archived Contributor) Quendrith

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