Dennis Quaid on TRUTH, CRACKLES and Coming Into His Own – Jeanne Wolf interviews

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Jeanne-with-Dennis-Quaid-August-2015croppedTake note: Dennis Quaid has range! See him quiet and authoritative on the big screen in Truth, holding his own with co-stars Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett. Then watch him all sexy and handsome, flirty and manipulative in Crackles’s new The Art of More. I’ve known Dennis a long time. He used to be kind of reluctant about interviews. Now he’s relaxed about being his witty, funny, smart self. Read more

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Jeanne Wolf

Jeanne Wolf covers film and entertainment for the Saturday Evening Post and Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood. She has served as West Coast Editor for PARADE magazine and written ”Celebrity Parade,” a daily column on Her recent cover stories for PARADE include Charlize Theron and Whoopie Goldberg. She appears on radio and television, reporting on annual surveys including What America Eats, What America Earns and Pop Culture. Over the years, Wolf has covered every aspect of show business for television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet. She was awarded the coveted Publicists Guild Press Award for outstanding show business reporting, and is known for being first with inside scoops from the world of entertainment. On radio, she hosts the daily syndicated ’Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood,’ and created the ”Inside Entertainment Report” for Entertainment Tonight. She has also reported for ABC's ’Nightline’ and ’Good Morning America,’ and has hosted ’Jeanne Wolf With’ on PBS. She has been contributor/editor for Ladies Home Journal, TV Guide, Town and Country, and Redbook, and writes regularly for Ocean Drive Magazine and Vegas Magazine.