AWARDS INTELLIGENCER: Golden Globes Wake Up – Quendrith Johnson comments

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GoldenGlobeLogoWhat’s cool about the Golden Globes is that celebrities can do things there that they wouldn’t dream of doing at other award shows. Can you imagine Jodie Foster coming out during an Oscar speech? But that’s exactly what she did at the Golden Globes, albeit years after everyone in Hollywood had known and forgotten about her sexual preference. Foster knew there would be no theme music rushing her off stage, nor any censorship, so in 2013 she accepted herself while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award from The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Even the word “Foreign” in their name is slightly strange and outdated, almost anachronistic. Read more in AWARDS INTELLIGENCER…

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Johnson (Archived Contributor) Quendrith

Quendrith Johnson has contributed to AWFJ's AWARDS INTELLIGENCER blog.