Scary Ladies Part One: Five Female Writers/Directors Who Generate Fear – Liz Whittemore comments

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we need to talk about kevinPresenting scary ladies. There’s an all too common perception that women in horror films are merely victims. But that particular take on the horror genre is way out of focus. Some of the horror game’s most unique and effective players are women. The genre features outstanding scream-wrapped films that are clearly products of minds of the female persuasion, reflect female perspectives and are centered on dynamic female characters. In the first of a new series on women in horror, here are 5 female directors and writers that put our preconceived notions on the back burner. These women in horror really kill it. Read more in I SCREAM YOU SCREAM.

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Liz Whittemore

Liz Whittemore is the author of AWFJ's I SCREAM YOU SCREAM blog. She is Co-Managing Editor and writes for, hosts the podcast Girls On Film and is a contributing writer for and The ArtsWireWeekly. Now New York-based, she was born and raised in northern Connecticut. She's a graduate of The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, and has performed at Disneyland and famed Hartford Children's Theater, and been a member of NYC's Boomerang Theater, Connecticut's Simsbury Summer Theater, Virginia's Offstage Theatre, where she also directed. Her film credits include Suburban Skies and Surrender. In 2008, she shot Jabberwocky, a documentary now in post-production. Liz is still a children's theatre director and choreographer. She's working on an updated adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and a series of children's books.