Christy Beam Talks About MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN and Being the Subject of a Movie — Diana Saenger Interviews

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Christy Beam.   Photo by Sunny Mays Photography
Christy Beam. Photo by Sunny Mays Photography
Miracles From Heaven, adapted by Randy Brown from the book by Christy Wilson Beam, became a movie with a surprising true story that has enthralled moviegoers all over the world. Domestic Total as of May,1, 2016 was $59,657,409. How does one explain the impossible was a question Beam faced when she decided to write her family story regarding their journey through faith, fear and pain of their daughter Annabel’s chronic illness? Beam set aside time to be interviewed about this experience. Read on…

Diana Saenger: My first question is how is Annabel doing today?

Christy Beam: She’s doing great. She’s so fun, so alive, not on medications, and we say she’s making up for lost time because she eats anything and everything because she can; especially pizza!

Saenger: Was it an easy decision for you to write the book to put the whole story out there?

Beam: At first I was resistant, and didn’t want to do it. But when I first started to write the book and got it all out on the original manuscript, I thought the whole purpose was because God wanted it be cathartic for me. I thought oh, God, you are so good. You are right I did need to do that. Then there became a fork in the road where I needed to share it or keep it to myself. I felt such a strong urge to share it, so I talked to Kevin and Annabel about it and they agreed to share it. But we didn’t think it would transpire to the degree it has.
Saenger: Were your expectations from the film achieved?

Beam: Very much so. My heart’s desire for the message is the heartbeat of the movie, and a lot of what happened they related very well. In parts where they took dramatic license I’m okay with them because it was still rooted in the original meaning that people can get also from the book. It is now poured out in the movie so I’m okay with where it is different. For example, the gentleman Ben who had the little girl Haley was added in. We didn’t have a relationship with any one person named Ben. But Annabel did witness to many children in the hospital, and she made pipe cleaner bracelets and crosses that hung on her IV line. She wanted everyone to know that Jesus was with her in the operating room when she was four. She was sick for 4 ½ years so she did witness to a lot of children who were affected by her witness. I thought the movie did a great job of honing in on how people could relate to her.

Saenger: Have you been surprised at the response of the film?

Beam: We are overwhelmed that it has resonated with so many; but then again I feel like why we would be so surprised. It’s meeting a need of people who are yearning for that message of hope and inspiration. People need to hear that, and God knows they need to hear that verified and validated in their life. So, I’m just reminded that God is Good, and he can do such great things.

Saenger: How did you feel about Jennifer Garner playing you?

Beam: I just love her as a person and in her performance. In our first meeting together she was like a sponge. She had read the book four times from different perspectives and highlighted and underlined things. She just absorbed it, and when she met me she had a list of questions. She really dug deep, and I love her desire to get it right, and she did absolutely get it right.

Saenger: What did you think about director Patricia Reagan?

Beam: I respect Patricia Reagan a lot. She and I met before they started filming, and she asked so many really great questions over lunch together. I was so grateful that even though there’s always dramatic license she did such a great job in wanting to relay this story as accurately as she could and that really touched my heart. She did an amazing job.

Saenger: With all the upheaval in our country, this film came out at a prominent time. Have you had any feedback how this is helping people with their problems?

Beam: I get questions from people all over the world, and I feel miracles are becoming more prominent because of where we are in the world at this time. People all over have shared their opinions with me and how it’s resonating individually with every single person, and not only people or children with chronic illness, but those with broken homes who have lost their faith or a relationship with God.

As a mother and wife facing one unexpected catastrophe after another, and a Christian suddenly questioning her faith; Christy Beam’s story is not only amazing, but touching and heartfelt. A message she wants to share, “Is to stay faithful to God in all times whether it be trials and tribulations or seasons of blessings because God is FAITHFUL!”

Christy Bean and Family. Photo by Ryan Johnson
Christy Bean and Family. Photo by Ryan Johnson
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