AWFJ Movie of the Week, July 3 – July 9: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC

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captain fantastic posterOpening June 24, AWFJ’s Movie of the Week is Captain Fantastic, the sophomore film from actor-turned-filmmaker Matt Ross following his well-received 2012 directorial debut 28 Hotel Rooms. Read on…

Captain Fantastic stars Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) as sudden widower Ben, who is devoted to raising his six kids off the grid, imparting the freedoms and values he holds most dear through their isolated woodland existence where they spend their days roaming the landscape and hunting for food, and their evenings discussing great works of literature or playing musical instruments.

Their quirky idyll is threatened, however, when Ben comes up against his in-laws (Frank Langella and Ann Down) as they plan to give his late wife a traditional funeral and his modern Family Robinson are forced to emerge, blinking, into the modern world.

With a powerhouse performance from the ever-brilliant and utterly charming Mortensen at its heart, a terrific, eclectic young cast and an accomplished mix of comedy and drama from Ross, who has also written the screenplay, it’s no wonder that Captain Fantastic has been garnering rave reviews at festivals including Sundance and Cannes.

AWFJ Movie of the Week Panelists Comments:

Pam Grady: Writer/director Matt Ross grew up on communes and he uses that knowledge of alternative ways of living to paint an insightful portrait of a well-meaning widower raising his kids off the grid and in danger of losing custody in the Cannes award-winning Captain Fantastic.

Anne Brodie: I’m excited to see the dour subtle humour of Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic. The film just won the Space Needle Audience award at #SIFF Seattle.

Thelma Adams: Captain Fantastic – because it has the best buzz out of Sundance and Cannes and stars Viggo Mortensen.

Film Details:
Title: Captain Fantastic
Directors: Matt Ross
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Running Time: 118 minutes
Language: English
Principal Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Hahn, Annalise Basso, Samantha Isler
Screenwriter: Matt Ross
Production Companies: Electric City Entertainment, ShivHans Pictures
Distributor: Bleeker Street Media

AWFJ Movie of the Week Panel Members: Thelma Adams, Nikki Baughan, Anne Brodie, Candice Frederick, Pam Grady, Leba Hertz, Loren King, Cate Marquis, Jennifer Merin, Nell Minow, Perri Nemiroff, Liz Whittemore, Jeanne Wolf.

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Edited by Sandra Kraisirideja, Associate Editor

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Nikki Baughan

Nikki Baughan is a London-based freelance film critic and features writer. Formerly editor of both Film Review and movieScope magazines, Nikki is currently contributes to various print and online publications, including Screen International, BFI, The List and Film Divider.