OUR LITTLE SISTER, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, OVATION, INDIAN POINT and other July 8 Openers – Reviews by Jennifer Merin

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Our_Little_Sister_posterHirokazu Koreeda’s Our Little Sister is a soulful, magical journey into the wonderous mysteries of sisterhood, brought to live action from a popular Japanese manga. Captain Fantastic follows a story line that raises issues about child rearing in a society with polluted values. Henry Jaglom’s character-driven Ovation delves into the psyche of an actress who’s looking for balance between self esteem, integrity, ambition and lust. Indian Point is Ivy Meerpol’s compelling cautionary documentary risks of continuing operation of the titular 40 year old nuclear energy plant with its very outdated technology. Plus about the Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You, Zero Days.Under the Sun, The Dog Lover, and Fathers and Daughters Read the reviews>>

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