BAD MOMS — Review by Candice Frederick

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bad moms posterI know when I think of young struggling mothers in America, I think of the ones living in Suburbia in their multi-floor houses and two-car garages, grappling with the demands of bake sales and full-time jobs. Don’t you? Okay so, no. Despite its need to constantly remind you of how hard it is for young white suburban moms desperate to live up to patriarchal standards of handling all domestic responsibilities, including having and raising the children, cleaning the house, and in some cases, making all the money, the only thing BAD MOMS manages to say is that they also know how to have a really great time when they allow themselves to. Read more>>

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Candice Frederick

As the blogger and founder of Reel Talk Online, I write film reviews, news and features that bridge the gap between critical and audience response, and engage readers through honest, sometimes snarky commentary that explores core themes of film, with an emphasis on the collision of politics and entertainment. Reel Talk Online also aims to bring attention to such issues as diversity, feminism, and intersectionality through posts that resonate with a variety of readers.