How LA LA LAND almost didn’t get made — Stephanie Merry comments

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For a creative industry, Hollywood doesn’t exactly put creativity on a pedestal. Movies that aren’t reminiscent of other movies — or plays or books or comics — don’t usually get made, which is why for every imaginative film from a dreamer like Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman or Spike Jonze, there are dozens of reboots, sequels, remakes and origin stories. So of course “La La Land” almost didn’t make it to the big screen. The musical, which expands to Washington and other cities Friday, is one of the most celebrated movies of the year and a shoo-in for a best-picture nomination come Oscar time, but it had one huge strike against it: originality. Read more>>

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Stephanie Merry

Stephanie Merry covers movies and pop culture for the Washington Post. A graduate of the poetry program at the University of Virginia, she received a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.