FENCES — Review by Anne Brodie

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Fences is a set in a tiny, cramped world in a small house and back yard but the human landscape is as big as the plains. A couple and their son struggle daily with frustrated dreams, money difficulties and the domestic balance of power. As Denzel Washington’s head of the house lashes out at the ones he loves, they cower and walk on eggshells. Abuse, pain, and yearning are this family’s lot in life. So why see it? Read on…

It’s the artistry. Washington, who also directed the film which is based on August Wilson award winning play, and Viola Davis deliver superior performances, in what is essentially a top level acting master class. These are two actors 110% committed to the project; they inspire admiration and awe and we know we are watching work from their hearts, incandescent with passion.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis received AWFJ 2016 EDA Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively, for their brilliant performances in Fences.

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Anne Brodie (Archived Contributor)

Award winning writer Anne Brodie has covered film and filmmakers on television, print and online for nearly 30 years. Among her outlets are Metro News, Elle, More, AskMen, Monsters and Critics, Studio 12 News, Rogers TV and “daytime” TV.