Oscars 2017: Opportunity for More Creativity on Stage — Katherine Brodsky comments (Exclusive)

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oscar logoThis year had several worthy nominees and they were well-recognized. Although as a whimsical musical fan, I was rooting for “La La Land” as Best Picture, having finally caught up on “Moonlight” a few nights prior, I recognized what a great film it was as well. But here’s a sad fact: This year’s Oscar ceremony will be remembered most for the hiccup at the end rather than anything in between. Every year, I tune in to the Oscars telecast hoping for a great show, thinking that this year will be the one. Read more on AWARDS INTELLIGENCER

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Katherine Brodsky

A freelance writer with a strong focus on film, Katherine Brodsky has contributed to publications such as Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy Magazine, Mashable, USA Weekend, MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage, Stage Directions, Elle Canada, Canadian Screenwriter, Complex, the Georgia Straight, and many others. For her stories, Katherine has had a chance to interview a diverse range of ‘intriguing’ personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Pulitzer, Tony, and Noble Prize winners & nominees. Follow her on Twitter @mysteriouskat or at katherinebrodsky.com