BRIMSTONE & GLORY — Review by Kristen Page-Kirby

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The feature debut of director Viktor Jakovleski, the film “Brimstone & Glory” looks at the city of Tultepec, the so-called fireworks capital of Mexico, during the National Pyrotechnic Festival. That celebration — essentially the city’s high holy days — has its roots in the festival of St. John of God, patron saint of fireworkmakers and (coincidentally) firefighters. There are two main elements to the celebration: “casti­llos,” or huge frames of wood and firework-laced paper, which flame and spark for up to 30 minutes; and the “pamplonada,” in which teams of fireworkmakers build giant bull effigies, which they ignite and carry through the city streets — the attached fireworks exploding as they run. Continue reading…

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Kristen Page-Kirby

Kristen Page-Kirby is a freelance writer specializing in film, arts and entertainment. She has also moderated panels on film and television at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, the Middleburg Festival, and Awesome Con. She is a former editor and columnist for The Washington Post Express.