MAN WITH TWO BRAINS on Blu-ray — Review by Stacia Kissick Jones

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The third of what would be four movies that teamed Steve Martin with writer-director Carl Reiner, The Man With Two Brains is an affectionate and deeply silly spoof of low-budget horror flicks from decades ago, and one that acknowledges what a 1950s Z-list movie starring a pulsing brain in a pan never could: that these mad scientists were pretty much just looking to get laid. The dialogue is hilarious, Vaudevillian, ridiculous and sublime, and frequently eschews words altogether for a series of vaguely human noises like “Schlermie,” “anointy-nointy,” and “thptbtbtbtbt.” There is precious little plot to be had, because a plot and zaniness rarely mix. Continue reading…

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Stacia Kissick Jones (Archived Contributor)

Stacia Kissick Jones is a freelance film journalist whose work appears in, and other outlets.