In Memory of Sandra Kraisirideja Orion — Guest Post by Edward Douglas

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sandrakraisiridejaIt’s been hard to write this, because I’m still quite devastated by the fact that Sandra Kraisirideja Orion — or “Sandy K,” as I knew her for so long — is no longer with us. It’s a cliché for sure, but one that was entirely true: to know Sandy was to love her. There are few people on this planet who have as warm a smile and personality as Sandy did, one that could make you feel good just being around her. I was lucky to be able to spend time with her when I was at West Coast events and in Vegas for ShoWest. I cherish every minute I got to hang out with her even more now. Continue reading…

I can’t remember exactly when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it was probably a year or two before I myself had leukemia, because I remember seeing her at Comic-Con in San Diego (where she lived), and she’d be working just as hard as ever to attend roundtable interviews there. She’d also come to a lot of the parties I attended as my “plus one,” and this was both after her son Noah was born and in her first year fighting cancer.

Edward Douglas and Sandy Kraisirideja
Edward Douglas and Sandy Kraisirideja on the job
There was a period in 2013 where we both were getting chemo, and we’d frequently talk on the phone about our own treatments. Watching her fight against cancer (with two young kids, no less) really pushed me to fight alongside her.

The last time I saw her was at a dinner I had with her and her husband Harley when they were in New York earlier this year. I’m not sure if they knew that her cancer had come back and spread, but I certainly did not, so learning she was on hospice care in August was really tough on me.

Sandy K as Wonder Woman
Sandy K as Wonder Woman
Sandy was an amazing person, and I’m so glad that she found an outlet through the Alliance of Women Film Journalists to continue writing and participating in the movie world she loved so much.

She’ll always be missed by anyone who knew or interacted with her. I’ve experienced a lot of death and grief in my life, but losing Sandy, and to cancer no less, is one that will hurt for a very long time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our esteemed colleague Sandra Kriasirideja became a member of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists in 2009. She generously contributed her time, energy and expertise to AWFJ, helping to build and volunteering to serve as administrator/editor of our Movie of the Week feature from March, 2014 to December, 2016. We all found in Sandy a most willing, enthusiastic and considerate colleague, always a joyful, supportive and creative collaborator.

In her 20-year professional entertainment reporter, Sandy founded as her primary outlet. Her work also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Today,,,, North County Times, East Hampton Star and Southampton News-Press. She was an accredited member of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Sandy passed away on September 26, 2017, in San Diego. Our condolences go to her husband, Harley, and two young children. We will miss her presence, but memories of Sandra Kraisirideja Orion live long at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

Thank you, Edward Douglas, for your touching tribute to Sandy and for sharing you feelings with all of us.

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