COCO — Review by Courtney Howard

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There have been highly anticipated films before in Pixar’s history, but there probably hasn’t been a more high-profile animated feature than COCO. Throughout its years-long gestation, it’s found itself in both a just and unjust lightning storm of controversy. However, once all that fervor died down, what remained is the final product – and boy howdy is it an enrapturing experience. Brimming with life, rich cultural heritage, dazzling color, beautiful music, and incomparable animation, the team led by director Lee Unkrich and co-director Adrian Molina gift us with a celebratory affair that’s bound to strike the right chord. Continue reading…

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Courtney Howard (archived contributor)

Raised in Northern California, and now residing in Southern California, Courtney has had a love of films ever since seeing her first in theaters at age 6 (‘E.T.’). She is a Rotten Tomatometer-approved critic, OFCS member, and contributing reporter/ film critic at both and Follow on Twitter: @lulamaybelle