Indian Filmmaker Rima Das Talks VILLAGE ROCKSTARS and Starting Up — Mythily Ramachandran interviews (Exclusive Guest Post)

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Rima Das 1Indian filmmaker Rima Das’ “Village Rockstars,” a poignant tale of ten-year-old Dhunu and her dreams of becoming a rock star with her own band, is clearly rocking. Das, who hails from Assam (the northeastern state of India), has had no formal training in filmmaking. Nor did she assist anyone before making her first film, “The Man with the Binoculars” (2016). Her story is a testimony to believing in one’s dreams and pursuing them, very much like her young protagonist, Dhunu. Das spoke to AWFJ about her journey into films. Comtinue reading on THE FEMALE GAZE. Continue reading on THE FEMALE GAZE.

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