Filmmaker Petra Volpe on THE DIVINE ORDER and Women’s Rights — Jessica Zack interviews

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Filmmaker Petra Volpe’s engaging film, The Divine Order, is a box office hit in Switzerland and is the Swiss foreign-film entry to the 2018 Academy Awards/ The film was inspired by the fact that as the U.S. was convulsing with cultural change during the late ’60s, not only had women’s lib not made it to the small Alpine nation, but Swiss women wouldn’t have the right to vote in national elections until 1971. Continue reading…

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Jessica Zack

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica Zack is a freelance journalist who has been writing about film for the San Francisco Chronicle since 2004. She also covers visual arts, books and general culture for the Chronicle, and contributes regularly to San Francisco Magazine and other publications. She is a graduate of Stanford University and got her start writing for the Palo Alto Weekly. Can be found on Twitter: @jwzack