BLADE RUNNER 2049 — Review by Courtney Howard

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It’s taken 35 years to get a BLADE RUNNER sequel – and thank God the resulting product doesn’t disappoint. From what we’ve seen from other franchises that have experienced similar decades-long gestation periods (films like BLUES BROTHERS 2000, DUMB AND DUMBER TO, and TRON LEGACY), things could’ve gone enormously wrong when it came to BLADE RUNNER 2049. Yet much like MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, it never fails us. Director Denis Villeneuve’s entrancing, awe-inducing spectacle not only follows up on some major lingering questions that have haunted cinephiles, launching them into heated debates, but also marinates longer on Ridley Scott’s original heady concepts and gift for striking world-building. Continue reading…

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Courtney Howard (archived contributor)

Raised in Northern California, and now residing in Southern California, Courtney has had a love of films ever since seeing her first in theaters at age 6 (‘E.T.’). She is a Rotten Tomatometer-approved critic, OFCS member, and contributing reporter/ film critic at both and Follow on Twitter: @lulamaybelle