Filmmaker Margaret Betts on NOVITIATE — Interview by Kristen Page-Kirby

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Novitiate” is a love story about a girl in a relationship with a guy who just doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to her. It’s a fairly typical tale, except the girl is a 17-year-old nun in training and the guy is God. In the drama, opening Friday, Cathleen (played by Margaret Qualley) enters the (fictional) convent of the Sisters of Blessed Rose in 1964. She begins her journey toward becoming a nun with a one-year stint as a postulant, getting used to the daily routine of the convent. That’s followed by two years as a novitiate, when she is expected to make herself worthy of the habit. Overseeing her journey is the Reverend Mother (Oscar winner Melissa Leo), who rules her convent with a terrifying power — a power she feels is threatened by the ongoing Second Vatican Council, which is making substantial changes regarding the role of nuns in the Roman Catholic Church. Continue reading…

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Kristen Page-Kirby

Kristen Page-Kirby is a freelance writer specializing in film, arts and entertainment. She has also moderated panels on film and television at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, the Middleburg Festival, and Awesome Con. She is a former editor and columnist for The Washington Post Express.