German Filmmaker Henning Gronkowski on Girls, Drugs and YUNG – Marina Richter interviews

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In his directorial debut, Yung, which screened in the First Feature Competition of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, German director Henning Gronkowski retraces the footsteps of his own turbulent past in Berlin, but without even incorporating a character that represents him. He shows a life fuelled by booze and drugs in private homes and at countless parties. Men are marginal in the film, and the four female leads not only show us that they know how to party, but also lift the lid on a different, intimate world behind the scenes. We wanted to know why, among other things, he’d chosen women over men. Continue reading…

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Marina Richter

Marina D. Richter is a Vienna-based freelance film critic who regularly contributes reviews, interviews and film industry news to Cineuropa. She’s also a prolific contributor to the daily Balkans newspaper ‘Politika’ and to the weekly ‘Vreme.' Her texts are published in the Estonian cultural weekly SIRP, the Slovak film journal, Austria's Artmagazine & Morgen and diverse Croatian outlets.