STILL RIVER – Review by Marina Richter

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We are introduced to Anna (Katia Goulioni) and her husband Petros (Andreas Konstantinou) through a conversation that at first feels like the confession of a woman in psychotherapy, until it becomes obvious that the man’s reaction to the woman’s account of her sexual fantasies, about a tall, blond man with a scar on his face, is overly emotional. His intense glare and quick-fire volley of questions pierce through the darkness of the room. Moments later, the couple is entwined in their bedroom, in an attempt to revive their sex life. The passion is, as it turns out, one-sided, and the distance between the two grows bigger as the film progresses. Continue reading…

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Marina Richter

Marina D. Richter is a Vienna-based freelance film critic who regularly contributes reviews, interviews and film industry news to Cineuropa. She’s also a prolific contributor to the daily Balkans newspaper ‘Politika’ and to the weekly ‘Vreme.' Her texts are published in the Estonian cultural weekly SIRP, the Slovak film journal, Austria's Artmagazine & Morgen and diverse Croatian outlets.