Godard and Sound: Acoustic Innovation in the Late Films of Jean-Luc Godard — Book Review by Kathleen Sachs (Guest Post, Exclusive)

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Albertine Fox does a fantastic job summarizing the book’s theoretical mission in the first chapter. The book is not only a good resource for the topic at hand; it also provides ‘mini-lessons’ on subjects with which readers may be unfamiliar. This reflects the author’s thoughtfulness—she doesn’t assume that everyone reading is familiar with every reference, and she elaborates in such a way that even those who are familiar will glean something new from how she connects the ideas to her own. Continue reading on THE FEMALE GAZE

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Kat Sachs

Kat Sachs is a freelance film critic and programmer based in Chicago. She's the co-managing editor of Cine-File Chicago with her husband, Ben Sachs. In addition to Cine-File, she writes for the Chicago Reader and has contributed several pieces to MUBI. Highlights of her programming endeavors include a two-night retrospective of short films by Agnès Varda, a similar Barbara Hammer retrospective, the theatrical premiere of Arthur J. Bressan, Jr'.s PASSING STRANGERS AND FORBIDDEN LETTERS, and screenings of Dan Sallitt's HONEYMOON and ALL THE SHIPS AT SEA, the Chicago premiere of Joanna Arnow's I HATE MYSELF :), and a ten-week Frederick Wiseman series at Doc Films, entirely on 16mm, as well as a one-off screening of Wiseman's six-hour NEAR DEATH, also on 16mm.