Matthew Heineman and Rosamund Pike on APRIVATE WAR – Lauren Bradshaw interviews

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Oscar-nominated documentarian Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land) knocks it out of the park with his first dramatic feature film, A Private War. Based on the life of Marie Colvin, an American journalist killed while reporting on the Syrian Civil War, this film is as powerful as it is important, especially at a time like this when attacks on the news media (and journalists in particular) are becoming more and more news stories themselves. I was honored to sit down with Heineman, Rosamund Pike (who plays Marie Colvin), and Cat Colvin (Marie’s actual sister), to talk to them about Marie’s life, the filmmaking process, and how real events made it into the movie. Continue reading…

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Lauren Bradshaw

Lauren Bradshaw is a film critic in the Washington, DC area. Her reviews are featured on and she has also contributed to and The Tidewater News. Lauren is a pop culture enthusiast and has been known to get way too emotionally invested in movies and television shows.