Barry Jenkins on Love, Social Commentary and BEALE STREET – Mae Abdulbaki interviews

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Barry Jenkins has another fantastic film on his hands with his latest, If Beale Street Could Talk. This follow-up to the Oscar-winning Moonlight is moving, the cinematography is vivid and draws you in, while the characters invite you into their world and linger in your thoughts long after the screen goes dark.

Jenkins has a gift of heightening the senses of the audience while watching, with the captivating way he lingers on his characters, and also with the way they silently linger on each other. In an interview conducted with the director, he spoke about the making of If Beale Street Could Talk, what the journey of making this film was like, the different kinds of love the movie portrays, how he balanced the film’s love story with social commentary, and more. Continue reading…

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Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki is a Washington, DC-based film critic and podcast co-host. She founded Movies with Mae back in 2013 and has been passionately typing away at her computer ever since. She currently serves as TV Editor and film writer for The Young Folks and has also written for Examiner, Punch Drunk Critics, and Heroic Hollywood.