ON THE BASIS OF SEX – Review by Kristen Page-Kirby

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In “On the Basis of Sex,” the first question Ruth Bader Ginsburg hears on her first day of law school indicates the kind of world she has entered. “What,” says the dean of the school as he addresses the incoming class, “does a Harvard man look like?”

And so begins the biopic, which starts in 1956 and covers a part of the U.S. Supreme Court justice’s life story that few people know about.

In that scene, “What you see is someone going, ‘How do I make myself look more like a Harvard man?’ ” says Felicity Jones, who plays Ginsburg. “And then you start to see someone who’s going, ‘Actually, I’m not going to do it on their terms.’ You feel the personality of someone so strong in their identity and her saying, ‘This is who I am, and if you don’t like it then leave me alone.’ ” Continue reading…

EDITOR’S NOTE: On The Basis of Sex is AWFJ’s Movie of The Week for January 4, 2019

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Kristen Page-Kirby

Kristen Page-Kirby is a freelance writer specializing in film, arts and entertainment. She has also moderated panels on film and television at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, the Middleburg Festival, and Awesome Con. She is a former editor and columnist for The Washington Post Express.