Women’s View at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2019 – Marietta Steinhart reports (Guest post)

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The Palm Springs International Film Festival, one of the largest in North America, plays a key role not only in attracting Hollywood stars, but also in showing lesser-known, artful, sometimes difficult to watch movies of cultural relevance.

After opening with a portrait of William Shakespeare in the last act of his life, All is True (directed by Kenneth Branagh), the festival closed with Ladies in Black, directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) – a commentary on women’s changing societal roles that remains timely even today.

The festival showed 228 films of which 55 were either directed or co-directed by women (about 24 percent), leaving room for more female directors in the future. Nevertheless the festival has no lack in films with or about women. Continue reading on THE FEMALE GAZE.

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