THE WIND – Review by Marietta Steinhart (Guest Post)

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Emma Tammi’s feature film debut The Wind is a wildly promising feminized horror-revision of the Western Frontier with a powerhouse female lead.

Going back and forth in time while remaining in the same desolate cabin, Emma Tammi’s directorial feature debut The Wind journals the unraveling of Lizzy (Caitlin Gerard), a German immigrant and sensitive frontierswoman, holding down the farm with a rifle while her husband, Isaac (Ashley Zukerman), rides off into the sunset. Continue reading on THE FEMALE GAZE.

ABOUT MARIETTA STEINHART: Born and raised in Vienna, Marietta Steinhart is a New York City based film critic, contributing to Zeit Online, among other media, covering US cinema and TV. She’s an esteemed member of The International Federation of Film Critics and a frequent juror in Film Festivals.

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