GREEN BOOK – Review by Ulkar Alakbarova

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Do you remember Dumb and Dumber, Me, Myself & Irene or Shallow Hal? If yes, then you already know that only Mr. Peter Farrelly could capture subtle humor and combine it with drama where two absolutely different actors act in one movie to deliver something that you can watch at any time, in any weather, or on Christmas eve called Green Book.

Green Book follows the extraordinary friendship between an Italian-American bouncer and an African-American classical pianist, Dr. Don Shirley, who find themselves on a tour of venues in the 1960s. During the time both will have to learn from each other; one to compromise, the other one to just go along with the flow. By the time they end the tour, both men will never be the same in the most unthinkable way. Continue reading

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Ulkar Alakbarova

Ulkar Alakbarova has been writing about movies since childhood. She loves black-and-white cinema. She worked as an independent film journalist in Azerbaijan. Starting in 2013, she has worked as a Toronto-based film critic/interviewer. She is a founder of and regularly covers major film festivals, such as TIFF, Fantasia Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Hot Docs and Sundance.