ASK DR. RUTH – Review by Sheila Roberts

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Ryan White’s charming documentary, Ask Dr. Ruth, examines the remarkable life and career of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the Goddess of Good Sex, who has attracted millions of loyal followers by talking frankly and explicitly about the most personal and profound aspects of human sexuality and happiness. Now, nearly 91, she remains a tireless voice of sexual literacy. She continues to work non-stop, advising, educating and shocking her audience who admire her non-judgmental perspective and respect for people.

In an era where abortion remains a hot topic, she continues to believe it should be available and refuses to compromise. While many see her as a radical feminist role model, Dr. Ruth surprisingly does not. Being an only child who lost her family to the Holocaust and had to make decisions for her own life at an early age, she believes that women need to take the initiative and responsibility for their own sexuality.

White explores Dr. Ruth’s life through the prism of someone who has suffered profound tragedies yet remains ambitious and straightforward and has had a very positive social and political impact in the world. From a calendar chock-full of teaching engagements at prestigious universities like Cornell and Princeton, guest lectures around the country, book writing and promotion, late night TV appearances, and her own TV show, to an explosively successful radio show that began on WYNY in 1981, Dr. Ruth remains committed to reaching people on a very human level that transcends political or religious convictions.

Ask Dr. Ruth shows us how she continues to live life fully despite a painful past because she feels an obligation to honor the memory of the parents who gave life to her and helped define the person she is today. This film is enjoyable and inspiring to watch.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ask Dr. Ruth is AWFJ’s Movie of the Week for May 24, 2019

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Sheila Roberts (Archived Contributor)

Sheila Roberts is a Native Angeleno and alum of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television where I graduated with Masters degrees in Producing and Cinema & Media Studies. Over the years, she has written about film and entertainment for Collider, MoviesOnline, Hollywood News Wire, MovieScope Magazine, and Cineplex Entertainment, among other outlets.