SHAFT – Review by Lynnette Nicholas

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New Line Cinema’s newest adaptation of Shaft, is back on the big screen in theaters, but this time around under the direction of Tim Story (Fantastic Four, Think Like A Man, Ride Along), the franchise starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie T. Usher, Regina Hall and Richard Roundtree, has found a brilliant way of combining the “old-school” legacy of Shaft with a “new way” of fighting crime.

John Shaft’s no-nonsense, street-style of fighting crime, coupled with JJ’s (aka John Shaft, Jr) millennial political-correctness, cyber smarts and sensitive consideration for the humanity in others makes for an interesting and dynamic storyline that is sure to create nostalgia for the original Shaft films, while instilling a newfound respect for the Shaft franchise in current millennial audiences. Continue reading.

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Lynnette Nicholas

Lynnette Nicholas is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in English Literature with an emphasis on Theater Studies and Africana Studies. Lynnette reviews films for Common Sense Media and other outlets.. She has several years of experience as an educator, and works as a freelance entertainment writer and interviewer, and parenting writer based in New York City. Her beats include: entertainment, culture, women, black women, faith and millennial parenting.