FROZEN II – Review by Sherin Nicole

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You’re probably going to be shocked when I say I liked the follow up to Frozen better than the original movie—storywise. Don’t worry, because that worries me too.

Let me take you back to the day I saw Frozen the First, in a theater in Bethesda, MD, with two of my goddaughters. They loved it. And I loved experiencing it with them. We danced, we shrank away from the Abominable Snow Creature, and we held hands in solidarity with Anna and Elsa’s sisterhood.

It was a good time but when I watched the movie on my own it wasn’t so good. For me, the story didn’t hold together and I didn’t have that sensawonder I usually get from a great animated film. AAAAND as much as I adore Idina Menzel, I will snatch out throats if I ever have to listen to “Let It Go” again. You have been prepped. Continue reading.

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Sherin Nicole

Sherin Nicole writes about film and produces content for geeks and nerds alike on Geek Girl Riot.