LUCE – Review by Carla Renata

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The truth does indeed have many faces when it comes to Luce.

Luce (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) has the face of a young teen who easily excels in everything he touches. He’s a star student, athlete and son. His parents, life and sheer existence appear to be perfection. Or, is it a mask for what lurks underneath the core surface of his psyche, a child soldier from a war torn country trying to assimilate in a world that will always have difficulties in accepting him for who he truly is.

Based on a play by J.C. Lee, Luce will disturb its audience well after the credits have rolled. There are so many issues being played out in the form of social acceptance and pressure, racism, entitlement and what face the truth takes. At the end of the day, we really are left with the question of what kind of pressure one encounters simply being human navigating in this world that moves at warp speed.

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Carla Renata (Archived Contributor)

Carla Renata is the creator and host of The Curvy Critic, which streams live on Sundays. A member of CCA and AAFCA, her commentaries are also on Black Film Live and she's a Rotten Tomatoes approved critic. She's a graduate of Howard University, where she obtained a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. Multi-talented, she's also an actress and singer with an impressive list of credits.