Casey Anderson Opens Up About MAN VS BEAR – April Neale reports

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Discovery’s curveball of its late 2019 TV slate is the premiere of Man vs. Bear, where 21 amateur and professional athletes, male and female, go head to snout with three enormous grizzlies in close, breath-smelling proximity. The competition tests strength and strategy in various challenges including barrel rolling and wrestling. Bear expert Casey Anderson comments on the matches, talking about the daunting challenges for the human athletes and educating the audience with fascinating facts about the grizzlies. Continue reading.

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April Neale

April Neale is an entertainment writer and television critic. Neale has read her work both on NPR and 'Spoken Interludes', and has previously written for various industry trades and entertainment websites. Neale has written for Monsters and Critics since 2003, and is an editor and main contributor to the TV, Film and Culture (formerly Lifestyle) sections.