TITANIC: A Tribute to Cinematic Crafts – Jazz Tangcay reports

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In 1997, Titanic won 11 Academy Awards, nine for crafts alone. The film is a grand testament to the world of crafts: its costume design, sound mixing, visual effects, score, cinematography, production design, sound editing and hair and makeup were all nominated that year. Together, these craftspeople transported us back to 1912 and we were on that ship as it sailed off on that fateful trip. A full-scale RMS Titanic was built for the film, at a cost of $200 million. At the time, director James Cameron wanted to raise the bar on visual effects, and he used miniatures, motion capture and digital water to re-create the sinking of the ship. Continue reading.

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Jazz Tangcay

Jazz Tangcay grew up with a love for film. Her early recollections include "Kramer V Kramer, " "The King and I" and "Sleeping Beauty." She started writing for So So Gay in the UK. When she moved to LA, Jazz wrote for Awards Daily, covering interviews, awards season and writing FYC pieces. Jazz recently joined Variety where she is Artisans Editor.