STAR WARS From the Beginning – Kathia Woods comments

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Speaking from her Gen X perspective, Kathia Woods recalls her first encounter — at age seven — with the Star Wars franchise and what the film meant to her and to her friends, all of whom were completely mesmerized by the story, the characters and the other world in which the saga unfolded. She invites discussion about Star Wars inspiration and its impact, and feelings about the franchise coming to an end. View the commentary.

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Kathia Woods

Kathia Woods is a movie critic/entertainment journalist out of Philadelphia, PA. She's the creator of CupofSoulShow, an online outlet that covers minority creatives in film, television, and music. She's a contributor to Mark and Denise in The Morning on 860 A.M WWDBAM.Com, and has covered Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and Philadelphia Film Festivals. Kathia was born in Munic,h Germany but is of Brazilian descent. She is fluent in five languages and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University.