Delroy Lindo Talks DA 5 BLOODS – Jessica Zack interviews

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Delroy Lindo, who has appeared in numerous films and television series since his breakout performances in a trio of Spike Lee films in the 1990s (Malcolm X, Crooklyn and Clockers), is garrulous and energized, eager to discuss the timeliness of his latest role.

“Oh man, this is exactly why I went to acting school,” he comments by phone from his home in Oakland. “Any actor presented with this kind of character, this conflicted, demonically afflicted individual, is going to eat it up.”

The character he’s talking about is Paul, a troubled Vietnam veteran in Lee’s new movie Da 5 Bloods, set for release on Netflix on Friday, June 12. Continue reading…

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Jessica Zack

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica Zack is a freelance journalist who has been writing about film for the San Francisco Chronicle since 2004. She also covers visual arts, books and general culture for the Chronicle, and contributes regularly to San Francisco Magazine and other publications. She is a graduate of Stanford University and got her start writing for the Palo Alto Weekly. Can be found on Twitter: @jwzack