CINDERELLA – Review by Katie M. (Guest Post)

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Because Cinderella is likely to be seen by legions of youngsters around the globe, we wondered how kiddos would interpret this latest screen adaptation of the classic fairy tale. We asked Betsy Bozdech’s daughter, Katie, a savvy tweenager who knows a lot of fairy tales and sees a lot of movies, to review Kay Cannon’s musical live action production. Here’s Katie’s take on the show:

As a 6th grader, I’ve watched quite a few fairy tale-based movies. Cinderella stood out to me for lots of reasons, but these are my top five.

  • I love how they changed up the characters, like the Fab G, who is a Black man instead of the traditional White woman. I also like how there’s so much diversity.
  • I like how Ella and multiple other characters have very modern ideas and don’t want to be held down by marriage. Gwendolyn is also cool because she wants to help her kingdom.
  • Ella wants to own a business, which is inspirational to all people who want to be entrepreneurs.
  • The music is another one of my favorite parts because they used a lot of modern(ish) pop songs, meaning that I know the songs, which helps me connect to the movie a little bit more.
  • I love all of the funny parts of the movie because they made me laugh and made me enjoy the movie even more. One part that stood out to me was when the three mice, James, John, and Romesh, were turned into humans, because they were extremely confused about how things work for humans, and that made me laugh really hard.
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Betsy Bozdech

Betsy Bozdech is the Executive Editor of Common Sense, for which she also reviews films. Her film reviews and commentaries also appear on and